MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks Get the Most Out of macOS

Set your Mac so that certain apps open automatically when you log on. Mail, Slack (Slack), Safari and Calendar are some of the apps we use every day. Tap the Apple Icon in the upper left corner to open System Settings. Select your account. Tap on General, then Login Items. Click on ‘+,’ then use the search bar to locate the document or application you’d like it to launch when you log in. Select the document or application from the list, then click ‘Open.’ This will add the item to your list.

You may be surprised at how many windows and programs you have running simultaneously. It’s likely that if you are anything like us you didn’t know you had 15 Safari Tabs open along with Mail, WhatsApp and Photoshop. If you want to see the open applications and macbook pro m2 price in srilanka windows, you can use F3 to see them. Then you can tap any one of them to change.

Add multiple users on your Mac. It is very useful for families with several computers. This allows everyone to customize wallpapers, settings, apps, and preferences. Add a Guest User to your Mac so that anyone using your Mac cannot access any of your documents and files.

Click on the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open System Settings. Scroll down and click Add Account. You can add Guess users by tapping on the I next to Guest Users above Add account and enabling ‘Allow guests log in on this computer.

Apple Macs Keychain Access feature is a great way to remember passwords. It can be used to access any website, whether it’s Facebook or Marks & Spencer. However, it will also store Wi-Fi locations passwords. Your Mac will join the network you have stored automatically, but you may still need to enter your Wi-Fi credentials for other devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

You’ll need to first open Keychain in order to see any passwords you may have saved, including WiFi passwords. You can type Keychain by pressing Command + Space Bar. Search for the WiFi network you’d like to know your password for in the top-right corner, then tap Show Password. Type in your Mac’s password.

Copy and Paste without Formatting is a great way to paste text from websites or documents, but not the fonts and sizes. It’s useful if, say, you were writing an email and wanted to paste a webpage. Mac lets you have several desktops running at the same. You can, for instance, have Photoshop on one and your email open on another. By swiping your trackpad with three fingers, you can switch desktops.

Open Mission Control to create a desktop. To do this quickly, press F3. The top of the screen will show you the different desktops that you have already opened. On the far left, you can see an ‘+.’ You can turn off Do Not Disturb in a few ways, including by pressing the F6 Function Key. It will keep the phone quiet and stop incoming notifications. You can tap it to enable Do Not Disturb and to disable it. If it’s turned on, a semi-moon icon will appear in the upper menu bar. This appears on the left side of the icon for the battery.

Focus is a way to get more specific, allowing you to select which apps and notifications you receive. For this, you can open Control Centre by tapping on Focus. Then, you can follow the directions to set up a custom Focus like Meeting.

MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks Get the Most Out of macOS

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